So I was watching the news the other day and there was a story from china, this is horrible btw so if your squeemish maybe you shouldnt read on, anywho there was a cctv camera in a street, looked like a market place (im guessing a few of you already know about this story) a little girl was walking around and got hit by a car, that in its self is a tragedy and really horrible, but it got worse, people did nothing, no one came to help, no one seemed to even bat an eyelid, the footage goes on and traffic goes past, some slowing down to take a look, I should point out that the news caster said at this point that the child was still moving and in pain, but still no one did a thing, cars moved around her.. people walked past.. then one vehicle actually went over her legs.. eventually the girls mother turns up and is obviously distraught and calls for help, the good news is that the little girl survived and is in hospital now, the bad news is that people are so cold, I cannot grasp how they could be like that.. honestly its beyond my comprehension.. have we become so cold.. so detached.. so uncaring.. it makes you sick to the stomach to think that fellow humans could be like that and be so uncaring and emotionless.. makes me ashamed to be human.. there is something very wrong with society.