The Daily post july 2012
Holyhead and Anglesey Mail July 2012
Holyhead and Anglesey Mail article July 2012

My Art featured in Catapult Art magazine.

Visit the website for a full interview with yours truly. Full Interview

"Tim Dickinson , an Artist from Wales, UK, creates artwork that explores emotion, dark versus light and the human condition. What I like the most about Dickinson's artwork is the quiet emotions that linger in the light and the darkness of his artwork. There is a sad sort of softness about them that resonates with me. Dickinson took time out of his schedule to talk with ArtSeen about his artwork and his artistic processes."

"Tim Dickinson is engaged in the deepest and most common sense of human beings - loneliness. And not only such a retiring, confused, dark and without hope. It is hard to view these images and  not ask the questions that have always plagued mankind. As much as these images are universal, one thing is certain - they are deep and stretch  the the field of illustration "

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